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I felt very supported by Melanie and went away each week with a happier outlook.  By the end of my 10 sessions I was able to control my feelings of anxiety which has given me my confidence back, and I now have the motivation to try new things and go to new places which I couldn’t have ever imagined doing before seeing Melanie.

I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity of having Melanie as my counsellor.  I was in an abusive relationship for many years and I always believed it was my fault.  Melanie helped me see things in a different way.   I never felt she was judging me and she never made me feel ashamed.  She gave me the tools and confidence to help me discover who I really am, which helped me move on with my life.  I can wholeheartedly say that I feel so much stronger and happier now than I have ever done before.  I am now able to walk away from situations if they are not right and I wouldn’t have had the strength to do so before.  Thank you Melanie, seeing you was the best decision I have ever made.

I found every session incredibly insightful, Melanie frequently explored different avenues I hadn’t thought of in terms of behaviour patterns and emotional responses.  Melanie always ensured I went away from each session with a task or goal which helped me tap into what she had taught me throughout the week.  From our initial session to my last, my self-esteem has increased and I now have confidence to trust my instincts and be comfortable with who I am. 

Melanie has been a huge support and I will be forever thankful for her helping me through a difficult time and helping me with my personal growth. 

I have found the whole experience extremely positive; it has been difficult at times, but I have embraced the insights I have had with your help.  You have challenged me in a gentle and skilful way, kept me focused and peeled back layers I didn’t know I had there.  I feel that I have been able to reach a deep sense of peace and calm within myself that I never thought I would be able to achieve…. I had always just accepted that this was who I was. With your help I feel I now have the confidence to move onto a different path in my life that I can maintain going forward. 

I can’t thank you enough Melanie for all your help, you are a truly amazing counsellor and I’m so glad I found you… I felt safe with you enough to share my vulnerable side, which was a challenge for me.  I have really enjoyed the experience, thank you so much. 

With one day left of 2019 I feel the need to post an update. To say I crashed into 2019 is an understatement I didn't know how to get through one day and the prospect of getting through another year was daunting anxiety had a grip on me and as I went through the year it was a bumpy ride but with the help of my husband, my family & friends that know who they are and Melanie Sanders Therapy I dug deep confronted my demons accepted them and began the journey of finding me, the me I lost along time ago we have a long way to go I am sure it won't be a smooth run but here is to another year of finding myself, conquering anxiety and living life! I am ready!

Having spent the last 4 years rebuilding my world after a near fatal attempt on my life which caused  me to be diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, I found it difficult to deal with the Covid19 restrictions on life as Panic and Anxiety Disorder began to affect my mental health quite rapidly. 


Having counselling with Melanie helped me to quickly refocus on the positive effects and affects that I had managed to make to my life.  Melanie helped me to regain an understanding that I could not change the past events, however, it was only myself that was responsible for the control that I had on how I perceived current situations.  Melanie reminded me on the importance of talking to people I was comfortable with as opposed to keeping my emotions and feelings to myself. 


It is important to see that counselling is not a failure of how we handle situations but a means to receive clarity on what we already know about dealing with situations in life.  Counselling with Melanie affirmed to me that I did not need to return to prescription medication or to self-medicate to buffer my emotions, but more importantly I had the knowledge, wisdom and resources to manage through these difficult times. 


From the very first session of counselling I found Melanie very relaxing, calming and understanding as I explained my deep-rooted anguish that was born from my near-death experience.  Given the sensitivity of the matter, Melanie was highly professional yet friendly and approachable which helped the sessions to move forward quickly and efficiently. 


Given the sensitivity of the reason behind seeking counselling, I feel strongly that I was treated and respected extremely highly.  For these reasons I would have no problem in recommending Melanie as a counsellor.  I am also aware given the circumstance behind seeking counselling, that there will be time in the future that I will be in need of additional counselling, and for that reason I would definitely make use of Melanie’s counselling services in the future.

I am leaving after 5 sessions with a completely different healthy outlook on life and myself. 

I would just like to say a big thank you for helping me turn my life around and making me the positive person I am sitting here writing this. 

Throughout my 11 sessions, Melanie displayed the willingness and ability to understand sensitive topics. She always adopted a professional yet friendly manner, which made it easier for me to disclose and discuss difficult issues. Melanie created a safe and judgment free zone for me to explore my concerns. 


Melanie’s approach was truly person-centred, and she quickly recognised that I responded well to advice that was frank and practical. Melanie was not afraid to challenge my negative thinking, encouraging me to see critical self-talk as thoughts rather than facts. Melanie never trivialised my issues and dealt with all concerns fully. Whilst I found some sessions emotional, I never found them distressing, as Melanie would not push me further than I could handle. 


Melanie is an excellent counsellor and so skilled at her job. Melanie structured the sessions well, but she was also flexible enough to allow for diversion and the discussion of other pressing issues when necessary. I found Melanie’s advice logical and wise; I would often note down what she had said so I could read it again at a later stage. Melanie provided tools and techniques to ensure that I felt stable and supported in life post-therapy. 


If I found it difficult to convey my emotions or views, Melanie would allow me time to gather my thoughts. Melanie treated me with care, compassion and respect at all times. I am grateful to Melanie for simply understanding me and for educating herself on my personal health issues, so that she could respond in the most appropriate way. 

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