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    I felt very supported by Melanie and went away each week with a happier outlook.  By the end of my 10 sessions I was able to control my feelings of anxiety which has given me my confidence back, and I now have the motivation to try new things and go to new places which I couldn’t have ever imagined doing before seeing Melanie.

    I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity of having Melanie as my counsellor.  I was in an abusive relationship for many years and I always believed it was my fault.  Melanie helped me see things in a different way.   I never felt she was judging me and she never made me feel ashamed.  She gave me the tools and confidence to help me discover who I really am, which helped me move on with my life.  I can wholeheartedly say that I feel so much stronger and happier now than I have ever done before.  I am now able to walk away from situations if they are not right and I wouldn’t have had the strength to do so before.  Thank you Melanie, seeing you was the best decision I have ever made.

    I found every session incredibly insightful, Melanie frequently explored different avenues I hadn’t thought of in terms of behaviour patterns and emotional responses.  Melanie always ensured I went away from each session with a task or goal which helped me tap into what she had taught me throughout the week.  From our initial session to my last, my self-esteem has increased and I now have confidence to trust my instincts and be comfortable with who I am. 

    Melanie has been a huge support and I will be forever thankful for her helping me through a difficult time and helping me with my personal growth. 

    I have found the whole experience extremely positive; it has been difficult at times, but I have embraced the insights I have had with your help.  You have challenged me in a gentle and skilful way, kept me focused and peeled back layers I didn’t know I had there.  I feel that I have been able to reach a deep sense of peace and calm within myself that I never thought I would be able to achieve…. I had always just accepted that this was who I was. With your help I feel I now have the confidence to move onto a different path in my life that I can maintain going forward. 

    ‚ÄčI can’t thank you enough Melanie for all your help, you are a truly amazing counsellor and I’m so glad I found you… I felt safe with you enough to share my vulnerable side, which was a challenge for me.  I have really enjoyed the experience, thank you so much. 

    With one day left of 2019 I feel the need to post an update. To say I crashed into 2019 is an understatement I didn't know how to get through one day and the prospect of getting through another year was daunting anxiety had a grip on me and as I went through the year it was a bumpy ride but with the help of my husband, my family & friends that know who they are and Melanie Sanders Therapy I dug deep confronted my demons accepted them and began the journey of finding me, the me I lost along time ago we have a long way to go I am sure it won't be a smooth run but here is to another year of finding myself, conquering anxiety and living life! I am ready!

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