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How do you feel about Christmas this year?

Christmas is a time of year which can be happy for some people, for others it can be difficult. The pressure can feel emotionally draining, physically exhausting & overwhelming at times. It is easy to get swept up in endless commitments, promises to friends, family & loved ones. Its important to have some healthy boundaries.

How can we make time for everyone & everything?

How can I visit some of my family but not others?

How can I make arrangements to go out with some of my friends but not see others?

It’s very easy to feel guilty because we can’t fit it all in & then we become stressed and overwhelmed because we have said yes to more people than we wanted to & have arranged too much.

What about your well-being and happiness?

How far up my list of priorities is my enjoyment & happiness?

When we have a lot to do it’s very easy to put ourselves at the bottom of our own list but self-care is very important! The holiday season is a time of joy, looking after ourselves, spending time with family, friends & loved ones, enjoying the end of the year together and reflecting on our own growth and development.

How to look after yourself this Christmas

What do you want from this Christmas break?

What makes the holidays for some people could be different for others. There is no right or wrong way to celebrate Christmas. Let go of some of your expectations. Does everything have to be perfect? Does everything have to be done? Try to release some of the pressure on yourself.

Do you want a traditional Christmas spending it with family & friends opening presents and having a big meal or something different? Volunteering over the festive period, going away to a hot climate or perhaps spending time just with yourself creating time for you.

Take some time out to think about how you want to spend the festive holidays & once you have decided start to plan how you will achieve this. It may not be possible to achieve everything you want to, but if you can pick just a couple of things it will be a good starting point for a happier holiday with your wellbeing at the top of your own list.

If there are certain things that you know you find stressful at this time of year, acknowledge them so that you can find a way to deal with them rather than letting the worry and dread last for days or weeks. For example: certain places may feel uncomfortable and bring back difficult memories, could you plan to spend less time there or not go at all? If you are going to be somewhere unfamiliar at Christmas think about what you need to help you cope. Are there things you can bring to help you feel more comfortable? Or is there somewhere you can go to take a break?

Learn to say no

We can’t always put others before our own needs and we can’t always say yes. We only have a certain amount of time and energy so we can’t see everyone & do everything. The more we say yes and try to please everyone the more stressed & overwhelmed we will feel. We need time to ourselves to relax, unwind & recharge.

Enjoy the moment

Take time out to have mindful moments of reflection. Reflect on what you are experiencing in that moment, not what you have to do next. Focus on who is around you, what is around you, the tastes, smells and let yourself experience the moment.


It can feel like everyone is having a perfect Christmas when looking at facebook or instagram but behind the photo many things could have gone wrong and these people could be very stressed or unhappy. Don’t compare yourself to others, know when to put away your devices and turn off technology, and enjoy spending quality time with the people you have planned to be with.

FaceTiming or Skyping your family or friends who can’t be with you is a great way to catch up if you want to feel more connected to them.

Whatever this festive time looks like for you, its so important to take care of yourself and think about your own needs, it’s not selfish, it’s imperative!

Enjoy the holidays!!!!

If you feel you need some support during this time or at any other time please feel free to contact me:

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